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Visit Uganda's most thrilling National Parks for an encounter with some of Africa's most fierce wildlife while on this off the beaten path Safari. Stay at cozy lodges and meet up with amazing local people.

Encounter the endangered Mountain Gorillas in their natural tropical habitat combined with multiple game safaris in some of Uganda's mostr iconic safari destinations.

Encounter Chimps and Big Game plus amazing local people while on this Uganda Safari. This safari can be customized to fit your desires and explore Uganda in your own personal style.

Go on a tandem adventure while on this safari; enjoy a grade five rafting adventure on the Nile combined with a trek to the chimpanzees in the tropical rainforest of Kibale with a safari in Murchison Falls National Park

This 8 Day Amazing Gorillas Uganda Safari offers the most diverse wildlife experience in Africa; Explore tropical African forests, where troops of chimps and Gorillas hunt in the wild and mysterious blue lakes sparkle in hidden forests.

Visit Uganda's top tourist destinations while on this 12 Days Gorillas Safari. We combine an encounter with the great Apes with wild game experiences and community encounters whilst staying at cozy lodges.

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